Services we provide,                                                   
 Preventive maintenance services,                       
Here at longs we can help you get longer   
transmission life with regular service.  Far too many  
people never give there transmission any thought      
until it's to late. Many people also think that when     
they get there engine oil changed they automatically  
get there transmission serviced this is just not true.   
Diagnostic services,                                                
Here at Longs we have the tools, the training,
and the experience, to diagnose your
transmission troubles. If your car needs a
small adjustment, or a major repair you will
get an honest answer from LONGS.
Repair Services,                                                      
Here at Longs we can repair most any car or
light truck transmission. Here is a list of
services we offer.                                                   
Automatic transmission service and repair          
Manual transmission service and repair               
Transaxle service and repair                                 
Transfer case service and repair                         
Differential service and repair                               
Front or rear axle service and repair                   
Clutch service and replacement                            
Custom Builds,                                                         
Need something a little different, how about
an overdrive trans for your street rod, need a
trans to handle 1000hp in your mud truck, or
drag car. At longs we are actively involved in
many forms of auto racing we can help you get
to the winners circle. Call us we will be happy
to help you.                                                              
 Garage Owners,                                                     
If you operate a licensed auto repair facility
we can supply you with rebuilt units that are
very competitive in cost. Our turn around time
is second to none, many popular models are in
stock on the shelf ready to go. Free pick up
and delivery is included in the price. [limited
delivery area] We also provide tech support to
help you diagnose trans problems at
. We have a long list of satisfied
garage operators, give us a try you'll be glad
you did.           THANK YOU